An Original Rolex Comex Submariner Sans Comex

An Original Rolex Comex Submariner Sans Comex Dial If you Fake Watches haven't figured it out by now, any watch that was never sold freely on the consumer market are the ones that collectors go crazy for. What this means is that Ministry of Defense issued Submariner your dad was given in 1971 could put your kids through college, or the Comex-issued Sea Dweller you bought off a diver while on vacation in the early 1980s is now worth as much as your 911 Turbo (because all Hodinkee readers drive a 911 Turbo, don't they?). Speaking of Comex, for those who don't know, they are a deep water diving company that do the work of most off-shore oil companies in the world, and they require some pretty serious diving watches. Mostly Rolex watches (although an Omega exists as well), these pieces make collectors go nuts, especially if they are in all original condition. Which brings us to today's watch. This watch is a very rare best rolex watches Comex issued Submariner with reference number 5514. This watch only existed for Comex divers and while it looks like and IS a Submariner, it features a helium escape valve like a Sea Dweller. This thing is a very rare bird, and the case back is in perfect shape reading both COMEX and Rolex, as well as the issue number (390). While many believe that a COMEX-issued Rolex should read "COMEX" on the dial, like this, early reference 5514s did not have the diving company's name printed on the dial. So while many of you (ourselves included!) believed this dial not to be right, it absolutely is. This may be the ultimate sleeper watch (or is this?) because at first glance, it is very easy to think it is a simple reference 5513 Submariner, but it's so, so much more. This amazingly rare and early Submariner 5514 WITHOUT Comex on the dial is available for $40,000 right here

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